Need a contractor?

During my 20 years long career I've worked in nearly all areas related to software development: coding, project and product management, software system design. I'm a game designer with a passion for inventing. I'm a software engineer having in-depth knowledge of programming, math and physics. Need a contractor to work on your game or app as a lead developer, product director or consultant? Contact me.

Ideas cost nothing

Everyone has several these days. But they all are about something not interesting, right? No problem. Tell me what is your passion, what is interesting for you, what you're dreaming about and I'll give you an idea of an app or a game about it. For free.

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Games are everywhere

Most of them are merely boring clones, right? You have a brilliant idea of a new innovative game, but you are not a programmer. How can you implement it? Yes, I definitely can help you: I'll evaluate your idea, design and build the game for you.

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Apps for every need

You are an expert in your field. You understand what processes can be optimized to make people like you more productive. Is it possible with a mobile app? How this app could work? What's needed to create it? Ask me, I know and I can create the app for you.

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Experience matters

I have experience with simulation, physically based modelling, artificial intelligence, artificial life, numeric modelling, 3d graphics, game design, game mechanics and gamification. So, if you stuck with a problem in one of these, contact me I'll be glad to help.

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