Duplets – Word puzzle that fits your wits

dupletsIcon60@2xDuplets is a real challenge for the verbal intellect. Your goal it to link two random words with a chain, where each of the two adjacent words differs by only one letter.

The game starts on the lowest difficulty level, where the solution seems almost obvious. But as you earn more and more points, it gets tougher: The required words chain gets longer on each round, and you have to recall more and more rare words to build the chain.

Both speed and ingenuity earn scores. The faster you move from one word to another, the more points you get with each step. The shorter the chain you built, the more stars you collect at the end of a round.

GameCenter supported to challenge your friends and beat them in three different competitions:
– top scores
– most stars
– best pace

Idea, concept, game mechanics: Dima Choock
GIU programming and design: Dmitry Kovalev

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